For more than 20 years, Fantini Research has been the leading source of independent and actionable information for institutional investors and C-Level Executives in the Global Gaming Industry.

Fantini Research’s reports serve one purpose – to make you money.

What differentiates the flagship daily Fantini’s Gaming Report from other industry publications is its comprehensive coverage and easy-to-read format. Even the most arcane financial information is put into no-nonsense briefs. This saves critical time in providing information needed to make investment and business decisions.

In less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you will have all the news updates that could impact gaming stock prices or business trends. This includes everything from the day’s top stories, company updates, earnings announcements, gaming revenue analysis, analyst coverage of gaming stocks, a daily stock market report, sports betting and iGaming news and legislative coverage.


In addition to the daily report, Fantini Research also publishes:

  • Premarket Notes, Bulletins. Each morning before the New York Stock Exchange opens, Fantini publishes a note alerting investors and C-Level executives of news that could move stock prices on upon the open. Bulletins are sent out throughout the day as alerts on news that could move stock prices. Both comes as part of subscription packages.
  • Fantini’s Public Policy Review – A weekly publication providing news and analysis of legislative, legal and regulatory developments. It is the legal journal of the gaming industry.
  • Fantini’s National Revenue Report – A monthly compilation and analysis of US gaming revenues and trends.
  • Frank Fantini’s Global Gaming Business Column – Subscribers at the Executive level and higher receive an advanced copy of Frank Fantini’s weekly columns that provide insight and analysis on gaming trends, individual companies and other topics of interest to gaming industry stakeholders.
  • EILERS-FANTINI Quarterly Slot Survey – A quarterly reports designed to track slot machine and related technology purchasing trends. This is the gaming industry’s largest slot survey in terms of total casinos and slot machines surveyed.
  • EILERS-FANTINI GAME PERFORMANCE DATABASE – A monthly report designed to provide a detailed overview of current slot machine performance trends with a focus on individual game performance, primarily for the North American gaming market.
  • Fifth Third-Fantini Distributed Gaming Report. Fifth Third Bank and Fantini Research publish a quarterly analysis of the US Distributed Gaming market, including revenues and market size. A deep-dive of analysis of data from the Illinois market is also available.