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By Steve Norton
CEO, Norton Management

US Lawmakers Urged to Consider Online Lotteries to Fill Virus Budget Deficits

My comment:

Online lotteries offering casino games could be the final nail in the coffin of the American Gaming Industry.

First, our live casinos had to compete with online sports betting, online gaming, slots at liquor establishments, gaming at racetracks, and now a suggestion that states should write off our business that has paid incredible taxes and employed nearly 2 million citizens.

By Frank Fantini, Publisher of Fanini's Gaming Report

February 12, 2020


Ernie Moody is excited… and honored. 

That is how the legendary game creator described his reaction to the latest accolade of his much-honored career – election into the EKG Slot Awards Hall of Fame.

That career began in Black Hawk, Colorado.

By: Ronnie Jones, Chairman, Louisiana Gaming Control Board

Note: Public Policy Review Editor Laura Briggs reached out to Ronnie Jones of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board as part of a series seeking insight on issues regulators are facing due to COVID-19. This is his personal account of one of the nation’s hardest-hit areas.

On the context of Coronavirus in Louisiana:

In talking to my colleagues in other states early on, few fully understood the seriousness of the pandemic in Louisiana.  While some early epidemiological opinion suggests that two weeks of crowded streets throughout Louisiana during Mardi Gras contributed to the spread, it is yet to be confirmed.  Though it sounds plausible we simply don't know with any degree of certainty.  What we do know is that Mardi Gras occurred just as the pandemic's effects in the U.S. were becoming more evident.  Had the huge public celebration come two weeks later in the calendar, it likely would have been cancelled.  But hundreds of thousands of visitors came to the state and returned to their home areas, perhaps carrying with them the virus that was unwittingly passed around during their stay. 

By Steve Norton
CEO, Norton Management

How Much Would Tribes Contribute to State from CA Sports Betting Revenue

My comment: 

I am very much in favor of sports betting and American polls tell us that around 80% of the adult population supports it. This is far higher than the public support for casinos, racetracks or for any other form of gaming.

Many states have authorized it online along with casino games, which I strongly disagree with. The primary reasons that states want online gaming are for potential tax revenue and as a way to compete with illegal internet gaming sites. The public wants sports betting to be more convenient than just at Tribal and commercial casinos and racetracks.