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Fewer people are visiting Las Vegas but they are gambling about the same, according expanded visitor statistics from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

The average gambling budget last year was $527.05, about the same as 2017 but short of the over $600 of 2016.

Fewer newcomers are coming to Las Vegas with only 18 percent of visitors being first-timers compared to 21 percent in 2017 and 27 percent in 2016. And repeat visitors are coming less frequently, making just 1.5 visits last year, the lowest number in five years. They are also staying for shorter periods at 3.4 nights per visit, though that reverts to what was the norm in 2015 and 2016.

Conventions, so often discussed as important to casinos, are drawing fewer people, just 8 percent of visitors last year versus 11 percent in the previous two years and 9 percent in the two years before that.

Regardless of the ebb and flows of visitor details, one steady positive is that 90 percent of visitors say they were satisfied by their visit.

Visitors also tend to be affluent with more than half citing household income of $80,000 a year or higher.

And the much-discussed Millennials like Las Vegas, after all. They comprised 38 percent of visitors last year, the largest age group.

The 77-page profile is at https://www.lvcva.com/stats-and-facts/visitor-profiles/.

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