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The number of guests in Macau’s hotel and guesthouses declined while visitors on package tours rose in April. 

The number fell 2.2 percent to 1.143 million visitors though average occupancy rose to 91.4 percent. 

Guests from Mainland China declined 2.8 percent to 774,000 while guests from Hong Kong increased 1.3 percent to 137,000.

Package tour visitors increased 20.2 percent to 908,000 people.

Tour visitors from Mainland China rose by 22.1 percent to 724,000.

Full report: http://bit.ly/2EIo7yh

Elsewhere, multiple members of Macau’s Tourism Development Committee expressed concerns that a tourism tax proposed to reduce crowding in the city wouldn’t help.

One suggestion was for tourists to apply for appointments to tourist attractions to better manage visitation. Another suggestion was to set up task forces to study tourist capacity. 

Research into the tax, including a public survey, should be completed this year.

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