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By Steve Norton
CEO, Norton Management

Delta’s Weekly Reno-Atlanta Flights to Become Daily in 2020

My comment: 

Reno is about 2,400 miles from Atlanta, over 6 hours by plane and 3 time zones away. Atlanta to Atlantic City is around 800 miles, one third the distance, or less than 2 hours flight time. And, as a casino destination, Reno is much smaller than AC.

So why is it that AC has never been able to attract a major carrier from a major city like Atlanta – home of America's busiest airport, with over 90 flights a day – that go between Atlanta and Las Vegas, 6 or 7 nonstop?

Southwest Air, which is the largest carrier in Vegas, and very busy in Atlanta, has recently stopped service into Newark, NJ, so the CRDA should be making a pitch to Southwest, one of North America's best carriers for resort-type destinations. AC needs more mid-week demand and could offer reasonable cost packages, including options for a weekend in Manhattan or D.C.