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By Steve Norton
CEO, Norton Management

New International Flights to LV Create Economic Impact

My comment:

Las Vegas, as well as other cities, offer cash incentives to add international air service to their airports. Atlantic City should be doing the same, with one of the best and underutilized airports in America. And AC is in the middle of one of the highest traffic parts of North America, with airports in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore and Newark, all with costly fees, along with the added fuel costs associated with circling before landing or waiting in long takeoff stacks before departing.

I expect most European flight customers, plan probably two weeks in the US. That means that a few nights in AC, mid-week would be a very affordable addition to a North Eastern business trip or vacation, allowing these visitors to stay in Manhattan, DC, or other cities on weekends when commercial city rates are at their lowest.

AC has always been at a disadvantage in attracting any airline company that also serves Philadelphia International Airport, so some kind of financial reward, along with lower ground handling costs should help AC Airport increase travel to the Northeast and to Atlantic City.

Lower costs, along with a passenger subsidy, might also help AC attract US carriers, out of cities like Atlanta, with a population like Philadelphia, and home of the World’s busiest airport, Hartsfield International that incidentally has over 90 flights a day that stop in Las Vegas.