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EILERS-FANTINI Game Performance Report - Feb '18 Summary
EILERS-FANTINI Game Performance Report - Jan '18

The EILERS-FANTINI Game Performance Report is a new monthly report designed to give you objective data on slot performance and trends on individual games and suppliers.

The report provides a detailed overview of current slot performance trends down to the individual game level, and tracks key slot supplier and operator floor mix metrics for the North American gaming market. Current performance metrics include participants from both commercial and tribal casinos. 

Methodology & Sourcing

To prepare this report we used data from the new EILERS-FANTINI Central Game Performance Database.

EILERS-FANTINI Central Game Performance Database 

The EILERS-FANTINI Central Game Performance Database (GPD) collects and tracks relative slot machine performance data provided by individual casinos on a monthly basis and then standardizes and aggregates the data. All data is held in a secure online database and no individual casino data is viewable. Database subscribers are able to look up game performance information on individual games as well as create custom performance reports tailored to their specific business needs and geographic locations.

The GPD is an extension to the existing EILERS-FANTINI Slot Survey which is the gaming industry’s largest survey tracking purchasing and performance trends across over 350,000 slot machines worldwide.

GPD Participation Details

This database service is free to qualified gaming operators who participate and provide monthly performance data. It is important to note that all data is held in a secure online database and no individual casino data is viewable.

Purchasing Details

Single copy - $1,500

Report subscription service - $10,000

To purchase, or for futher questions, please contact:

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or call: +1-302-730-3793