Corporate Kit

Every company must maintain proper books and records, including minutes, in order to ensure continued treatment as an incorporated/formed business and allow it to maintain its legal protections.

Corporate kits and additional corporate kit supplies may be purchased from Fantini Incorporators. Purchasing these items at the time of incorporation saves time and money, as additional fees are incurred if ordered separately.

Corporate kit binders are available in Deluxe and Standard editions.

Includes sample minutes, bylaws and corporate forms, corporate seal, and stock certificates, all held in a 3-ring binder with the company name on the sleeve.

Each Corporate Kit includes:

  • 20 Customized Stock Certificates
  • Customized Corporate Kit Binder
  • Certificate Transfer Ledger
  • Matching Slipcase
  • Plain Minute Paper
  • Six Position Corporate Tabs
  • Corporate Embossing Seal
  • Minutes & Bylaws - Printed & on CD


Incorporating Costs

Fantini Incorporators can form your company anywhere in the U.S., by preparing and filing the proper documents.  Fees vary, as each jurisdiction sets its own pricing and standards. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a complete quote.

Once Fantini Incorporators has formed your company, there are a few other things you may need:

Registered Agent (RA) Service

Compliance Verification Service (CVS)

Corporate Kit

 We are happy to provide all these services for your company.

Mail Service

Many entities find it useful to augment their Registered Agent Services with our Mail Forwarding Service.  Fantini Incorporators will receive and forward your important correspondence, up to five items per week.

You must be a registered agent client in Delaware, Florida or Washington DC to qualify. High volume plans and hold mail services are also available.

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